First Glance With Adobe Flash CS4 and knowing terminologies

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I would like to ask the following information to be properly addressed. What is a Document in Flash? What are the associated properties of it? What is display grid and what is the proper way of using it? What is property inspector and how useful this is to my projects? What are the properties included in this tool? What are the properties for rectangle tool that I can use to modify and make objects in my project coincide? Please provide me answers for the questions. Thank you!

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First Glance With Adobe Flash CS4 and knowing terminologies


Hello Marco!

A document in Flash is commonly known as the .FLA file. Document holds the entire properties, settings, everything in your Adobe Flash project/animation.

Display Grid shows the graphical grid lines of a workspace. Once this is activated it shows horizontal and diagonal lines crossing each one forming grid. These lines serves as the guide in creating images and aligning animations. Property inspector will show all the attributes of any objects in your Flash animation. This can be found by clicking any object in your stage and looking on the bottom-center of your Flash window. There are similar attributes that Adobe Flash uses in rectangle tool. Like fill and stroke color, scaling, style if its solid.

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