Firefox Not Able To Work Properly Error

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Is there any solution to this error message that I am receiving from Firefox.

I have attached the error message below you can check it. It’s interrupting my work on Firefox.

When I open any site on Firefox just after exploring the site I receive this message that Firefox needs to be closed now. I need to do some work and this error message is disturbing my work routine because as soon as this error appears and I click close program Firefox is closed


Firefox has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

And then if I restart Firefox then again I receive this error.

I moved some of the .pl files of Firefox settings so that may be the error gets finished but still the error spears so if you know how to cure Firefox from this error then please reply to this question.

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Firefox Not Able To Work Properly Error



  • At first i would like to ask you, do you use new version of Mozilla Firefox? If you have then you can check your add ons and also check your existing add-ons update. You can update them all.
  • I also faced this problem then i installed the update version of Firefox and re-install the Firefox. All problem was solved. After installing new version now my Firefox working without any problem. 
  • One say to all of friend who facing this problem when you will install the Firefox just follow the by default installation process don't change anything, After successful installation Firefox will work fine.


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Firefox Not Able To Work Properly Error


Hi there, here are some solutions.

  • You shall try to un-install all updates and see if the error message disappears.   If the error message disappears, re-install the updates one by one, then you might be lucky enough to catch any culprit.  Consequently delete that culprit.
  • You can find the most stable version of Firefox at Download and install this version and replace the old one.
  • You can try to re-install the Firefox program.

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