Firefox Error Console Opening Error

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This error message is freaking me out as it is out of my knowledge.

All I understand is that may be this error is due to some JavaScript problem.

I have Java installed in my computer is there any conflict of java with Firefox which causes this error to appear.


I don’t know how this error appeared I just turned on my computer, and at startup I was receiving this error message and this error is totally different.

And what is that 2 written in that image error box is this the number of errors that Firefox has encountered or something else?

Whatever I don’t understand it so please be brief when you reply to this question because I want to solve this problem as well as learn about this type of errors.

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Firefox Error Console Opening Error


It is really quite annoying if you’re getting such error. Though some will say that it’s not a big of an issue and you can just ignore it but here are some things you can try doing, it might help you a bit.

Since there is no way of disabling such Error Console message to pop up, what you can actually do is remove it from your view.

Follow this step:

Open userChrome.css file from :

For Windows XP — C:Documents and Settings<username> Application DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesChrome

For Windows Vista — C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles<some_profile>chrome

After opening it, put the following script in such file:

menuitem[label = "Error Console"] {display: none !important;}

note *userChrome.css file is the file in Firefox profile which is used to customize the browser.

You can also try to disable all the Firefox Addons and enable them one by one to see what’s causing the error.

Also after disabling and enabling the add on's, you might need to check the Extensions you have in Firefox. Web Developer Extension is sometimes causing Error Console to pop up. Tools > Add-ons > Extensions and disable it.

Check if this will work for you.

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