Firefox Crushing with Regular Interval

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I am facing a simple but very disgusting problem with Firefox web browser. It is crashing with regular interval in the middle of work. My Firefox version is 3.6.17. Recently, I installed add-ons like page speed, web rank and add this.

Is there any relation of crashing with these add-ons?

I have tried by uninstalling the add-ons. I have also tried to work under safe mood. But nothing can stop the crashing .

Is this happening for any kind of virus attack?

Should I try to upgrade to a newer version? I don’t want to use any other web browser because I love Firefox. 


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Firefox Crushing with Regular Interval


You mentioned that you have Firefox version 3.6.17. My first advise would be to try a higher version.  I am using Firefox version 4.01 and is currently working just as fine.  You also said that you already tried uninstalling the add-ons and the problem did not go away.  It would be safe to assume that the problem is not with the add-ons.  Another possible solutions is to reinstall Firefox as well that is if you want to stay with your current version . Here’s the download link for version 4.01 Download link

However, before switching to version 4.01 please be advised that it has a different user interface.  Although most functionalities are the same,  you might find it a little confusing at first.  But once you get the hang of it, everything else will follow.  Although stability wise since it is a relatively new version, you can expect some bugs that are yet to be fixed.  But the possibility of the problem reoccurring would seem less while upgrading in my opinion.

Another solution is a downgrade. If you are not ready to take a leap yet to Firefox version 4.01, try going down a little by installing Firefox older version if you have downloaded them into your PC.  A little reminder though, in keeping Firefox 3.6.17 although stability updates might still be available, it would only be a matter of time and Mozilla will drop support for this old version.  They also encourage people to switch to Firefox 4.

 Anyway did you encounter any error message before the Firefox browser crashes down? Are you doing anything in particular that requires video playback before the problem occurs?  Does it crashes when you are opening certain pages?  It can also be a problem with outdated plug-ins like ActiveX or outdated extension or  themes like AVG safe search or Real Player browser record plug-in. Also a number of viruses and spyware are known to crash Firefox so please make sure to check for viruses and spyware.

Please do a quick check.  Go to this folder c:Program FilesMozillaComponents and look for the file nsBrowserOpt.dll. If you see the file, delete it. It is a malware.  Also have you been able to submit crash report to Firefox? If you have you can actually check by typing in “about:crashes”  in the url window of your browser.  You can check if reports have been processed by clicking on the report id and then go to Mozilla support website where you can check the crash id for known issues.

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Firefox Crushing with Regular Interval


It is possible that the add ons that you installed are the ones leading to your firefox browser to crash every now and then, and that will be verified if the problem started occurring after you installed the add ons. You will therefore need to remove the add ons from the browser and see if it will become stable.

The problem may also be generally with the browser itself. The version that you are using may be having problem working correctly with the operating system that you are using, and therefore you will need to get another version. Uninstall the current firefox browser, and then go to the internet and download the latest version and install it.

-Clair Charles

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