Firefox cannot connect to Yahoo!

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I am an Internet marketer. I work as freelancer in different outsourcing sites. I have to do SEO work and give backlinks or URL in the source code. You know, Yahoo answering is one of the most popular for marketing web sites. 

I feel free to use Mozilla Firefox as a browser, but I can not enter in Yahoo site. I can enter with Opera Mini, Google Chrome and any other browser. But I need to know why Firefox can not connect to Yahoo.

Is there any problem in cookies or other settings?

Yahoo suspended my answering account a week ago.

Is it the reason why this happens?

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Firefox cannot connect to Yahoo!


You said that you cannot view and browse Yahoo! website in your Mozilla Firefox . There are possible reasons about that issue. One of which is that you mistakenly do a config change to your proxy settings, a mistake that a person does unintentionally. You will noticed that you cannot view a single site or much worst, you cannot even browse the internet in any manner. Another reason is that your Mozilla Firefox does have a corrupted parts or portions wherein you cannot use your Firefox properly. This is probably caused by some viruses gotten through USB drives, by downloading infected files through the internet. Another possible reason is that your firewall does not allow your browser for incoming or for outgoing, or even both connection. This is caused by mis-configurations made in your exceptions in your firewall or even unusual mis-configuration caused by viruses.

One of the possible solutions to this problem is running the Mozilla Firefox in safe mode. In this mode, installed plug-ins by user will not be used and default set-up of the Mozilla Firefox are the ones you can use in this mode. You can try to browse to website. If this solution does not make any sense and does not work, you can try the second solution and that is by repairing the Mozilla Firefox by means of reinstalling Mozilla Firefox via repair method. In this case, you will run the application of installer file of the Mozilla Firefox. Select option. 

Repair, then click next button. If you want to retain your existing settings, you can do so but I do suggest to repair and just set your settings to default and do the reconfiguration later. After the installation, if necessary configurations including the network settings, download locations, etc., are required. You must do it after the repair process. If in this case, the second option did not work, well, you can do the next one and that is the uninstalling of Mozilla Firefox, make a restart, and install the latest version. You must do an uninstall using the add- remove programs of Windows or by using the option uninstall Mozilla Firefox in the start menu or even using the installation file of Mozilla Firefox by choosing, remove options. After uninstall process, you are required to reboot your PC to remove Firefox files. Then, you can run the set-up application of Mozilla Firefox until it is finished.

If reinstalling Firefox does not solve your problem, probably it is your operating system that has the problem. You can try to use chkdsk utility in the command prompt and just do a restart and let the windows run a chkdsk. Making a chkdsk does the returning of mis-located files to its proper places. If still this is not the solution to your problem, then it is about time to do a updated full scan of your antivirus installed in your computer. Whatever your antivirus is, you are required to do a full scan and try to delete all the possible viruses in your PC. If still it does nothing, then I would suggest to reformat your PC because your system does not work properly.

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Firefox cannot connect to Yahoo!


Mozilla Firefox has several different versions, with the newest being Mozilla Firefox version 4. If you are having issues using Yahoo and its applications, there can be a number of reasons why things aren’t working properly. While there are many answers you can find, below are five possible causes and solutions I have found:

1. Try checking to see what version of the Mozilla Firefox Browser that you are currently using on your PC or Laptop. Go to your installed programs folder, which can be found in the start menu, and uninstall the current version of Mozilla Firefox Browser you are using. Once you have done this and Mozilla Firefox is completely uninstalled from your PC or desktop, go to and reinstall the Mozilla Firefox Browser being sure that you are installing version 4. Version 4 is the newest version Mozilla Firefox. Restart Mozilla Firefox and attempt to use Yahoo as you normally would.

2. Another possible cause for your browser issue could be your Firewall settings. Sometimes your Firewall software that you are using may block the Mozilla Firefox Browser from running properly without prompting you. This happens often after you have just installed the Mozilla Firefox Browser, so you may want to go on ahead and disable your firewall software prior to using your browser or simply change the settings before attempting to use your Mozilla Firefox browser again.

3. Though chances are high that the issue lies in the Browser, it may not be the browser at all. You may have run into an issue when you installed a Yahoo application (toolbar, etc.) onto your computer/ laptop. Try un-installing the application and re-installing it.

4. A common reason for Yahoo not working with Mozilla Firefox Browser is due to it not allowing cookies. Before using your Firefox browser, check to ensure that you have not disabled cookies. You want your cookies to be enabled. If your browser was set to block cookies, this may be the primary source of your Yahoo access problem.

5. After working through the 4 solutions provided above and you are still not able to use Yahoo properly with your Mozilla Firefox browser version 4, you may have to just download and use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as an alternative. You should not need to do this if you correctly performed the solutions above.

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