Need correct driver for my scanner

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I have my own scanner. Scanners need to install a driver in computer. I also install the required driver. Few days back, I install my operating system again. This time I cannot install the driver because I lost my driver’s back up. I need to find out the driver. I tried locally but no one can find me one. I search over net but I can’t understand which perfect driver for my scanner is.

Is there any good way to know about the hardware to search?

Can anyone tell me?

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Need correct driver for my scanner


Hello dear hansy,

It is too much needed to install appropriate driver to run the hardware accurately. As you lost your driver back up, then you need to download it from internet. You can easily find out your appropriate hardware id. To do so, you need to go system through your control panel. Browse like:

Start/Control Panel/System.

Now open system by double click. Select the hardware tab from new window. When you selecting the hardware tab, this window is changed and first item is device manager. There is a link button named device manager. Click on the button. You will have a list of your hardware connected in your computer.

In this list you may find some yellow question marks besides some hardware. These are the hardware which has not the proper driver installed. Click on that question mark, open the properties. Select the hardware id from details tab of the properties.

Now copy the last value from the value list of hardware. Now search with this id. You can find the proper driver for your hardware.

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Need correct driver for my scanner


Hi Dear

There is almost everything available on internet; all you need is to identify what you are searching for? Here, firstly you need to know about the manufacturer company and model number of your scanner. If you have lost the software or driver backup of your scanner then you need to search for the cover leaf of your scanner, means the box of your scanner.

There you can find out the manufacturer company name and also the model number of your scanner. If you don’t have the box too, then you need to check the manufacturer company name and also the model number from your system hardware specification. For this you need to perform these steps in order:

1: Right Click “My Computer” folder or option from your All Program’s menu.
2: Select “Properties” from the pop up menu
3: From the menu of “System properties”, select “Hardware” tab.
4: There is a button of “Device Manager” on the tab of hardware, click on that button.
5: The detailed box of “Device Manager” will open, search for the “Scanner” option in the list given. And click on “+” sign of scanners option. Here you can see the manufacturer company name and also the model number of your scanner.

Now you need to search out the latest version of your scanner according to the manufacturer company name and the model number. For example, if you need to find out the driver of Benq scanner having version 5 or 6.2. You will need to search on internet like “benq driver 5” or “benq driver 6.2” and where you will see the desired driver with .exe file or folder having .rar extension. Download it and install it and then check the working of scanner.
Note: Take care of one thing when you are downloading software’s online, you must have reliable and efficient antivirus software, so that it can protect your computer from pirated software’s and attached viruses.

Hope it will be helpful

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Need correct driver for my scanner


If you lost the driver for your scanner, it shouldn’t be a problem because you can always download the driver from the manufacturer’s website. Open your web browser and visit your scanner manufacturer’s website. You can find the URL or address of the website in the packaging or in the manual that comes with the device. On the website, go to “Support” page.

Here, enter your scanner’s model number or serial number. You can find it printed on the side or bottom of the device. When the product is located, click it to go to the download page. Download and install all available driver and software for your device. This should fix the problem.

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