Find the Location of IP address

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How does a website, advertisement know where i am and how do i determine the physical location of an IP address?

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Find the Location of IP address



  • Finding physical location has not been very difficult or tricky now a days, Modern technology has made it easy for a man to locate others vicinity or their physical location. But remember it does not mean necessarily that there is a spyware in your computer or your updated firewall is not secured enough. While it is done through IP address of a computer connected to the world of internet.
  • As you know IP address is one's unique identity on the web it translates various information including the physical location of that particular computer. So, the bottom line is that it is simply done through some built-in software's specially designed to locate and translate one's physical location from IP address allocated to him.
  • For instance, 
  • is website based on a specific software which gives you the benefit of finding physical location through IP address. You can also check it for your friends and even for yourself.

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Find the Location of IP address


There are various methods used by websites and advertisers to track your browsing behavior. 

Among the things that they track are the websites that you visit, things that you "Like" (as in Facebook), your location via IP address, etc. 

It is through this information that advertisers can customize the ads that appear on your browser.  (Ever notice that?)

It is not that difficult to trace your location via IP address as the post before mine pointed out. 

But if you want to know how to avoid being located through your IP address, one suggestion I can make is to use TOR servers. 

It's a network of servers that routes your connection through different location so that your real IP address is effectively hidden from prying websites.

Another way to avoid being tracked is to enable the "no tracking" feature on your web browser. 

If you use Firefox 4 or higher it has this option to tell websites that you do not want to be tracked:

Visit this link for more information.

This, however, is not a surefire way because whether your request to not be tracked will be honoured is entirely voluntary on the part of the website or advertiser.

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