Find IP Camera On Network. Without Going To Their Place.

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Webcam is useful for video calling. When we have conferences or when we want to have a chat with loved ones living far, we can use the IP camera. To use that, we need to connect it to the computer and find it on our network. How to find IP camera

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Find IP Camera On Network. Without Going To Their Place.


1) You need a router, an IP camera, a laptop and 2 network cables.

2) Connect the router and IP camera with one cable.

3) Connect the router and computer using the other.

4) Plug in all the power cords and then switch on all the devices.

5) On your PC go to

6) Click on scan my IP camera.

7) Open the scanned camera URL.

8) Now you can use your IP camera as it has been found on your network.


1) This software scans all the devices present.

2) You can download it from

3) It is free to use.

4) Run the extension and go to subnet menu.

5) Enter the port on which you have to find.

6) Software will try to find all the web servers on that port.

7) As soon the devices are found, they are listed in the window.

8) Double click on one of the devices to open it.

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