Filipino DVD (disc) to American DVD (Players) format compatibility

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I really want to make a video using my digital camera and the movie making software on my computer for my family in America. I want to burn the video to a DVD and send it to them. I know that the format is different, is there anyway to buy a record-able DVD that would work on my laptop (bought here in Philippines) but be compatible with America's DVD players?

Software/Hardware used:

HP laptop, DVD's, CASIO digital camera, Windows movie maker

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Filipino DVD (disc) to American DVD (Players) format compatibility


Hello Bonzar.

I'll leave you to creating your home video using files from your digital camera and Windows Movie Maker.  I'd like to help you in authoring the DVD.  After you have made your video (which will probably be in WMV or AVI format) you will need the following software applications:

1.  A DVD authoring tool to convert your video file into a format that can be read by DVD players.

For DVD authoring, I suggest AVS to DVD (  Alternatively you can try DVDFlick ( which is simpler to use the AVS To DVD, but is already old and has sometimes had problems synchronizing the audio with the video.

2.  A DVD burning tool.

I suggest ImgBurn for burning the DVD files generated by AVSToDVD.

As regards the region code.  Don't worry.  Files that are on your hard drive are automatically burned using Region 0 – meaning it can be played on all DVD players regardless of region setting.  Region setting is not at all associated with the DVD recordable media.

Hope this helps.

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Filipino DVD (disc) to American DVD (Players) format compatibility


There are softwares to use when burning a video to a DVD. You can use Windows Media Player or DivX Plus. These are the type of software that allows you to edit video and burn files.

Sending this data file using Internet may takes you time to download or not at all. However, this depends on how big the file is. You need to have an account that allows you to send larger files, like safe storage on Road Runner.

You can compressed the files if it's too big for you to send this data on the Internet. This is compatible to any country as long as they have the software such as Microsoft windows Media Player of DivX. They can also run and play this DVD on using their DVD player. However, some DVD player can't read pirated copy and but you need to make sure these are not pirated.

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