Filezilla Problem – uploading .php files

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Hello, I need to fix my problem with uploading files using FileZilla. I was uploading .php files to my computer using FileZilla and an error message popped up. It says: Response: 552 Disk Full – please upload later. Error: Critical File Transfer Error. I was confused why it says that the disk is full when my control panel is showing me that my memory usage is 4MB out of 500MB. Please help me with this.

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Filezilla Problem – uploading .php files


Have you checked the space that is left on your primary hard drive? If you have many files stored on the primary hard drive then I will advise you to transfer them to another partition, or better transfer them to an external hard drive. You should also check the memory usage of your computer and ensure that there is no program that is exhausting all the memory and therefore making the computer lack memory space to run and thereby hindering the file transfer by the filezilla application.

But in case it turns out that the problem is not with your computer's hard disk space, then it could be with the remote server that you are trying to upload the files too. Maybe it is running on low space, and as the error message says, you can try later maybe more space on the server will have been created.

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