Filezilla Error: Critical file transfer error — 552

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The problem occurs when I tried to upload some .php files to server. I am using FileZilla and I am getting the following error message. But out of 500MB, C panel is used 4MB.

Response: 552 Disk full – please upload later Error: Critical file transfer error

Please help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.


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Filezilla Error: Critical file transfer error — 552



This error usually occurs, when during a file transfer, application is not able to use the space allotted, as there are exhausted.

There could be two reasons, one on the Local system side and the other on the server side.

And you have mentioned that 4MB is only used on your local machine. So we can rule out the option of space issue on the local m/c. There could be a space issue on the server, due to which FileZilla is not able to transfer your file using FTP.

Please check the free space available on the server that you want to transfer file. Incase of unix based servers, you can use df –k command to check for free space.

Also I would recommend checking the memory usage on your local machine, which also could be a reason. If there are many applications running in the local machine consuming high memory. Please wait for them to be completed and then start your transfer.


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Filezilla Error: Critical file transfer error — 552


Hello Priscilla,

That could be an error with the host you are using and therefore I will highly recommend that you contact your hosting support.  Otherwise, I  will suggest the following workarounds:

  • First, you will need to check your computer and verify that your computer is not running on low disk space, for that could mean that the computer is running out of memory in the process of transferring the php files to the server.
  • You will therefore need to create more space on your primary  hard drive in case you are running on low space and see if that will resolve the issue.



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