File.php extension format on images

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How can be converted a image into .jpeg extension format?

This image can't be read clearly, but the file format stated as file.php. I got that file when uploaded some pictures from my flash drive. But before that I was able to grab some pictures coming from the net site.

After the actions as I checked on my pictures, the file format was changed. How on earth can I changed into jpeg? I cannot view the content of the file the pictures.

If you have any idea with regards to the error, can you please post it here so that I can learn what is exactly the error is.

Thank You.

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File.php extension format on images



I also encountered this problem. First thing, you must know what is PHP. PHP is a programming language and actually contains pure text or code only and not an image. Usually, you can only see a small KB size of one PHP file.

If the size of the file is only just as small as 5 KB-10 KB, then no doubt it is a PHP file and not a photo. But if the file size is something like 100 KB above, just try to change the extension .php to .jpg (rename it). in case there's no good result in renaming, then there's a possibility that the file is corrupted and need to download again.

When grabbing images from a website, make sure that you save as .jpg file. Usually, when saving images, .php doesn't show in file extensions/types list. What you can only see are those image extensions/types like .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif etc.

Another possible reason is virus. In some cases, virus change files to other extension and hide the original file. Try to view hidden files.

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File.php extension format on images


Converting image in PHP extension to JPEG extension.


Hello Lielle!


Your image is not just a matter of extension. Actually any image in any extension (as long as it is a real image) can be viewed to any Photo Editor or image editor. If the file in your hand is a real image file, you can just rename the file into a JPEG extension or you may open the file in Adobe Photoshop and save as JPG to convert the file.


Based on your story, that the file you have is downloaded from your USB drive where the file saved in your USB drive came from the Internet. The author of your source web site might be protected his images posted on his own website.


Maybe he has the script that once his visitor downloaded a picture, the picture link file was changed into a blank file or not an image file. He was doing such tricks to protect his image.


By the way, your question is how can you convert your dot PHP file into a dot JPEG file. My answers are just renaming the file and change its file extension. But I know this is not the solution. It is because your question is not the real issue.


The real issue here is how you can download a protected image on the internet. I’ll give you some ideas how they protect their image.


Some web site owners protecting their image files by disabling the right click button of the mouse through a Java script. We all know that most of the method used to grab images then to right click on the file saves as. By disabling the right click, visitors are prevented to save the image because instead of the pop-up menu will appear a message box appears.


On you may encounter some images that cannot be saved instead you download a BLANK.JPG which is not an image file.



Those are the few protections that you are mostly encountered on the internet and there is a lot more methods they do just to protect their images.


Now, here are some of many workarounds for behind those protections.




Disable executing of Java script in your web browser. Disabling of Java script differs on every web browser; please refer to your browsers help on how to disable Java script in your web browser.


Drag and Drop the image into your Image Editor or directly on the folder opened into your Windows Explorer. Since the right click option is disabled by the Java script embedded on the website, you can drag and drop the image down into your desktop, folder or to your image editor like Adobe Photoshop.




Print Screen. This is the best of my options where no one can block the Print Screen command. Even encrypting of the image can not escape to this method. Unless if the file is hidden or can be viewed only on the approval of the site owner. Print screening the image has been just a very simple method that even Grade 1 can do the trick.


Just navigate the image you want to copy, put the image in the visible area of your web browser using your web browser’s scroll bars, maximize the web browser needed or you may view it in full screen, then hit the Print Screen key. Open your MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop, then paste, crop the image then save. That’s it!

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