File in use access denied

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I can’t delete a certain file it says an error “file in use” or sometimes “access denied”. What should I do? I’m running Windows XP.

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File in use access denied



If the file you wish to delete gives you the error "file in use", it means that it is still in use by an application that may not be present on your taskbar or system tray, but is running in the background.

Maybe the application did not close out entirely or is managed in the background. There are two ways to delete this file. 

Solution 1. Check if the application is running in the background by searching for it in the processes open in Task Manager, and ending the application. Once the application is ended, you may be able to delete the file.

Solution 2. Restart your computer in safe mode, then you would be able to delete the file without any errors.

If the file gives you the error "access denied" when you try to delete could mean many things. It may be locked by a process essential to the Operating System, It may be "protected" by your anti-virus, is actually a system file essential to run with the operating system, or is already deleted but is still showing on the file directory as an image.

Solution 1. Determine if the file falls into the one of the categories mentioned above or is "protected" by an application, restart the PC in safe mode and proceed to delete the file.

It would be prudent to delete it temporary and restart your PC normally to check if your Operating system is affected. If it does not adversely affect your operating system in any way, you can then permanently delete it.

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File in use access denied


The reasons for not deleting a file may be varied as follows:

  • The file might be in read only mode.
  • The file name will be too long.
  • The file might be in use.

First, you try to resolve this problem in a simple way;

  1. Double click on the My Computer icon.
  2. Right click on the C drive.
  3. Select the properties Tab.
  4. Select Tools and ‘Check now” and let it fix the error automatically.
  5. Restart and check.
Local Disk Properties

If the problem still exists, restart the computer in DOS mode and try to delete it.

If you do not have the admin rights, take the admin rights and try to delete it.



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File in use access denied

How to Delete "Undeletable" Files and Folders in Windows XP:
Common cause would be there’s a process locking onto the files you want to delete. You may want to reboot your computer then delete the file immediately or boot in safe mode then delete the file that usually works.
You can also try these steps.
1. First close all open programs.
2. Then open a command prompt. Start -> run -> type cmd.
3. Now right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. You can also do Ctrl-ALT-delete.
4. Find Explorer.exe in the processes tab, and click the End Process button.
5. Minimize Task Manager don't close it.
6. Go back to the command prompt and use the Delete command to remove the file, and close the command prompt.
7. Get back in the Task Manager; go to File -> New Task (Run).
8. Create a new task, name it Explorer.exe, and click OK.
9. Close Task Manager and done!
You may also try to install UNLOCKER a application that unlocked from processes that’s using them.
Unlocker 1.7.8 window console

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