File sharing application and its use.

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How bearshare works? What are cons and pros of it?How it is helpful in file sharing?

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File sharing application and its use.


This is indeed an old application. BearShare is a popular Gnutella-based file sharing application originally created by Free Peers, Inc. It runs under Microsoft Windows and comes in several versions, including an advertising supported version, a paid Pro version with no advertisements, and a Lite [stripped down] free version. The advertising-supported version has been criticized in the past for bundling spyware applications as a revenue stream. BearShare has the following features:

  • View other users' profiles, photos and music library.
  • Leave comments about your friends and favorite artists.
  • Supports hundreds of MP3 players.
  • Send messages and instant messages to other users, while listening together to the same music.
  • Highly customizable interface.

BearShare Lite 5.2.0 can be installed on a machine running on Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, or Windows XP platform. This application does not require a fast processor and only needs at least a Pentium class with 166 MHz speed or faster. BearShare Lite 5.2.0 only needs 32 MB RAM installed on the CPU. You can get BearShare Lite 5.2.0 from OldApps | Download | Old Version of BearShare Lite 5.2.0.

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