Features and Functions of Apple’s iCal Software

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Hi to everyone,

I need to know more about ical software. It is connected and supported with apple, what is the purpose of this ical software and how does it work? I have to make some online survey and research regarding this subject.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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Features and Functions of Apple’s iCal Software


Ical or Icalendar is a software developed by Apple Inc. This is basically a personal calendar program for MAC OS and this is the first calendar application built for MAC. This application also does support multiple calendars and also have the ability to publish them to WebDav server. The most significant features of the application are as follows.

* This application provides tools in keeping tracks on your schedules, birthdays, reminders etc. This also allows you to subscribe towards other user's calendar too.

* You can sync the calendar events with your IPod, Iphone as well as the Ipad.

* You can schedule your special events with the help of this application.

* This allows the users who have the application to send meeting requests as well as other tasks through emails to other users.

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Features and Functions of Apple’s iCal Software


Greetings Ms. Hill,

iCal software is a calendar software made for Apple products. It was released on September 10, 2012 for Mac Os v10.2. 

The purpose of this software is to make a calendar that can be shared, synced, subscribed by the user.

iCal software work is like a calendar in basics but with some added function in it, such as :

  • It could track events and appointments
  • It is integrated with iCloud
  • User can subscribe to other user calendar so they can keep up with friends and colleagues.

You could make an online survey with google docs, it is easy and free. Hope this helps.


Stonjhon Llison

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