Fatal error occurred during installation

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Hello Trouble shooters,

I am getting this error message whenever I am process of installing software in the computer. I am getting this same error for everything, so I think there is a problem with the operating system. I am not aware of any technical issue, just using practical knowledge. What will be the root cause of this error? Please explain in detail. Thanks.

Fatal error during installation.



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Fatal error occurred during installation


There could be various reasons for this error as follows: –

  • The software/program you are trying to install already exist.
  • You do not have administrative privilege in the system you are trying to install.
  • Some machine-specific issues:

    • Lack of disk space available for installation.
    • The temp directory is not clean.
    • A certain system file on the machine is locked.
    • The OS drive do not have sufficient space
    • Could not start the Windows Installer service on Local Computer
  • Application Specific errors
  • Virus attack

Proposed Solutions: –

  • Remove files of earlier installations (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management).
  • Ensure full Admin privilege on the system.
  • Run windows diagnostic program to identify & correct any machine specific issues.
  • Ensure that you scan your system thoroughly with licensed Antivirus.
  • Verify all drive spaces ensure that you at least have couple of GB free space available in each drive.

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