Fatal error Could not load world file

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Hey guys,

Recently I have installed windows Vista. In last a few days I have noticed that something is wrong when I want to play some games. I don’t know were is the catch.

To backup saved game I copy all in a different folder.

Now I have two folders in the game directory and on other place. When I start the game I got an error message.

How can I fix this?

Please don’t tell me that the solution is to delete or start all over again.




FATAL ERROR: Could not load world file ‘custom_stories/Factured Life/custom_stories/Fractured Life/maps/.map’


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Fatal error Could not load world file


The problem as to why you cannot load your file is because you changed the location of the file in the program files and therefore the operating system cannot trace its location when you try to  execute it. Therefore I will  suggest the following workarounds to solve the problem:

  • Move the files from the new location that you have placed them and then transfer them to the folder they were before in the program files. I am not sure if that will work but there is no harm in trying.
  • The other thing I will suggest that you do is remove all the folders related to the game by uninstalling them completely, and then get the setup application and then do a fresh installation of the game.  Make sure that you do not tamper with the games files in the primary hard drive after you install it.

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