Fastest Computer is being built?

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Hi! Has anyone heard about the computer that is being built these days which is being called the fastest computer ever built in the history of computers? So I wanted to know more about it and let me know about your opinions. I have read that the boot time of this computer will be much like the blink of an eye. As soon as you will press the start button, the home screen will open at that very instant. But is it really possible to create such a crazy computer? I mean how are they doing it, by using some extreme amount of RAM?

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Fastest Computer is being built?



The world’s fastest computer is “Tianhe-2” made in China. It is used for simulation, analysis, government security applications etc. It has 16,000 computer nodes, total 3,120,000 cores. Each of 16,000 nodes having 88 GB of memory. Its works on “Kylin Linux” Operating system with 33.86 PFLOPS speed i.e. 33.86 FLoating-point Operations per second. The storage capacity is 12.4 PB (PetaByte). 1PB=10^15Bytes, you can imagine how huge is this to perform very very fast.

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Fastest Computer is being built?


Yes, some countries like US , India have started working on the development of fastest computers ever.

1. US has expected launch of these computers by 2023, whereas India has declared the launch by 2020.

2. US machine will be able to support 500 petaflops/per second wheras India's supercomputer is supposed to work at 132 exaflops per second (1 exaflop = 2 petaflop)

These computers use thousands of processors working over fast connections. They are based on either of two technologies:

1. centralized parallelism

This approach connects a huge number of computers by a LAN and this system is managed by a software called clustering middleware. It keeps track of the activities going on in the entire cluster.

2. distributed parallelism

In this, a large number of computers and processors are distributed among geographies. It works on the concept resource sharing.

An exaflop computer is a challenge to build & run And will need extraordinary level of energy.

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