Failed to get a respond to the connection request

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I have this error message when I want to open this program. I have checked the port, firewall and all that it says in error and everything is working fine. Now I don’t know what this error means and I don’t have any idea how to fix it. Can anyone help me to repair it ? What are the standard settings to run this ?

Thank you ! didn’t respond to the connection request. Check the address and port, and any firewall or router settings. (04:06:15)


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Failed to get a respond to the connection request


Problems can easily be fixed if adequate information is provided. It would be much easier to find the solution if you gave the name of the app that gave the error. Anyway, check again if your computer has an active internet connection. This is important since the program you want to use requires an internet connection.

Open your web browser and then watch some videos on YouTube maybe just to learn how fast your connection is. If you see the video is buffering fast then your connection is good. But if not then your connection is slow. This happens if you are doing it during peak hours, which is mostly at night. Try it again during off peak hours to have the full potential of the network.

If you can’t get the program to work even during off peak hours, try reinstalling it. And also, since you are using a Mac OS X, try installing the latest updates for your operating system.

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