Failed to Connect to League of Legends Game

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I got the error below for the past days. I already tried to uninstall the game and then re-install it back.

I also download and installed DirectX.

I also tried the new patch but all to no luck. I even turned my Firewall off but this error just pops up and when clicking the Retry button, the same window will just appear and just keeps on looping to the same screen.

What can I do to fix this?

Failed to Connect

Unable to connect to the server. If you have a firewall, it may be blocking the connection.

Please refer to your firewall’s documentation.

Would you like to retry the connection?

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Failed to Connect to League of Legends Game


Hello Anthony,

Well I had the same issues before I was able to figured it out when I have a software blocking my connection, its usually the windows firewall  and we need to add league of legends as an exception. 

Or try to  check your internet connection and this may interrupt the data than could block the connection.

If you had tried to uninstall it, we need to install it to different file location, for example you installed it before in local disk c, we need to relocate it to different file in local disk d.

When you reinstall the game your going to need to Set up your masteries again and you can use this as indicator that you did everything right.

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Failed to Connect to League of Legends Game


Hallo Anthony,

To resolve that issue, try using the following steps:

  • You will need to try syncing your Windows Clock, and then after that you will double check the time, date as well as the year.
  • You will need to make sure that your Windows is up to date.
  • Ensure that you have opened the required network ports.
  • Make sure that the firewall on your computer is up to date, and it should not be blocking the game from executing. In case the game has been blocked be sure to add it to exceptions.

Hope this helps.




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Failed to Connect to League of Legends Game


Since you are receiving an “unable to connect to server” error, it only means that your program can’t detect any network on your computer that’s why it can’t connect to its server. If this program is a game launcher of an MMORPG online game, then I’ve already seen the same error when I was still playing Cabal Online before.

Sometimes this error happens if you are using a prepaid internet service which is popular in the Philippines. With a prepaid internet service, you only need to load an amount to your SIM connected to a 3G wireless mobile broadband USB dongle and then you can access the internet.

And because I’m also using this kind of connection, I once encountered this error while playing Cabal Online. The game launcher can’t connect to the server even if I’ve already login to my account and the only problem is that I can’t connect to the gaming server after logging in. I ended up closing the game since I didn’t find a solution.

But when I tried using a VPN the problem was solved. If this method helped me then I’m sure it will also give you a positive result. Try signing up for an account in a website that offers VPN service. One of them is PD-Proxy. To try a free account.

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