Facing problem while embedding pictures in the mail

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 I use Outlook Express as my mail client. When I send graphics files as attachments to my friends who have Web-based e-mail accounts, the attached files are not displayed as part of the message. The files have to be downloaded to be viewed. Is there some way I can send pictures files from outlook express so that they are displayed as part of the message, just as in Outlook Express? 


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Facing problem while embedding pictures in the mail


Hi Chelsea Montes,

I have also this problem as i was new to outlook express, but later on i was able to discover one thing which i can easily send graphics/pic using outlook express that would be also be part of my body of message. I just did install CAPTURE, this thing will help you send any graphical things that you would like to share and easy to use, since you only have to right click the capture then put the image you want to capture into the box and just paste it the body of your email. 

For you to be able to download this just follow below link.



Hope this will help you out



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