Facing problem with dual sim phone Interoperability

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Hi , have a great day. Facing trouble with dual sim phone. Whenever I connect to internet with one SIM the other one  goes to offline and displays no signal and I am not  getting any incoming calls from other SIM . Please suggest me the solution for the problem. Is blackberry phone is available with dual SIM . If so,  let me find some latest models that are available with blackberry.

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Facing problem with dual sim phone Interoperability


This is a regular problem for all dual SIM phones. All dual SIM phones have dual standby, but when use one SIM to talk or use the internet, the other SIM goes offline. So, here’s a trick to recover the other SIM. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to settings.
2. Select “call settings”, then “call divert options.”
3. Select the first SIM and choose “divert if unreachable”.
4. Then, activate it to another number, and enter your second SIM number.
5. Now, click OK.
6. This way, the second SIM will divert to the first SIM number.
7. Now, save it.

Your dual SIMs are always online now. When you use the internet, your other SIM’s calls will divert onto the active SIM. This will be indicated by the divert sign on your Blackberry screen.
Now, enjoy.

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