Facing Error 0146 Dell Diagnostic On My Laptop

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My laptop hangs suddenly, and it is working slowly. Moreover, it goes off suddenly. It gives error 0146 Dell diagnostic. What should I do?

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Facing Error 0146 Dell Diagnostic On My Laptop


This error occurs when there is Windows Registry problem or Hard Disk Drive. Follow the given steps to resolve this error:

  1. Check for Hard Disk Drive error:
  • Open the ‘My Computer’ and click on ‘Properties’ by right-click on your system drive.
  • In the opened tab, click on ‘Tools.’
  • Next, click on ‘Check Disk.’

2. Run the PSA Diagnostics:

  • When you start your laptop, keep pressing the F12 key when the logo of Dell appears
  • ‘Boot Menu’ appears.
  • Click the Down key to reach the ‘PSA Diagnostics’ option and press ‘Enter.’
  • Diagnose will start, enter the error code 0146 and continue the steps shown on screen.

3.  Perform System Restore to resolve the error:

  • Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools.
  • In this, click on ‘System Restore.’
  • In the restore point, select the time when your laptop was working properly.
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Facing Error 0146 Dell Diagnostic On My Laptop


If your computer is performing slow and suddenly hangs up or shuts down unexpectedly then you receive error code 0146, I think you’re in a bad situation. You see, error code “0146” indicates a failing hard drive or bad sector. I’m also using a Dell computer and I think I’ve bumped into this error before.

My computer suddenly freezes in the middle while I’m doing something and then resumes back to normal. This thing happens to me, I think, once a week for about a month. Then finally, one day my computer just restarted and when scandisk started during boot up it displayed faults in the registry and the worst, lots of bad sectors.

I tried to back up everything on my sister’s external hard drive but some of my files really got ditched. If there is a failing sector on your hard drive, no matter where it is located, whether on the system drive or on the data drive, your computer’s performance will really go down. If this is what’s happening on your computer, you just need to fix it.

Since it is not a S.M.A.R.T. error, you can still use it. You just have to fix those bad sectors. Back up all your data to another separate drive. Once this is done, you need to perform a clean install of Microsoft Windows. Since the error affected the performance of your computer, fixing the bad sector of the hard drive will not restore its performance.

Even if this means a lot of work, you need to install a fresh copy of your operating system to restore its performance. When installing Windows, when you reach the part to select the partition, delete the partition for drive C and create a new one. On the part to select the type of format, select the full format using NTFS.

Once Windows is installed, install first all the drivers for your devices like the video card, sound card, network card, motherboard chipset, and others. After this, don’t install anything yet. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it. Once installed, run PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Repair Drives.”

PC Tools Performance Toolkit surface scan on reboot

On the next screen under “Select Drive Operation,” select “Surface Scan” and check “Perform on reboot.” Select drive C from the list and click “Start” and then “Continue.” Restart your computer to begin the test. During the test, pay close attention to bad sectors. When the test discovers bad sectors, repeat this test again after booting Windows. Repeat the test until no more bad sectors are detected.

You should have three consecutive tests without detecting any bad sectors. When this is successful, you can now safely copy your files back to your computer. You need to do this because the error affected the computer’s performance. But if it is the other way around and your computer’s performance was not affected, you don’t need to reinstall Microsoft Windows.

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