FaceBook is still dominating the Internet

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Are there any possibilities in the future that Facebook will be acquiring more online application makers and making them dominate the internet?

How are they going to profit through these?


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FaceBook is still dominating the Internet


In a today's view, Facebook is like a phenomenon. How can a website gain this phenomena popularity? If you want to know, you have to make an experience with their strategy.

Every time, in every moment the researchers and marketers of it, thought about the process how they can serve people the most helpful support that can make their social relation ever better. At first there was no any social networking site that can really compete Facebook. But now a day, Google+ have a strong possibility to compete with Facebook. So the Facebook team always busy and try to add more advantage application on their site.

You can see the recent activities on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberghas made an  announcement that, Facebook has agreed to buy the photo sharing app Instagram, that hugely is popular. And after this announcement it got 10 thousand likes in after 1 day! Don’t you think, when Facebook authority remains this app independent, what a huge more popularity can make Facebook profits higher and higher?

In a few days ago, it’s revealed that Facebook only income source is it’s advertised and ads related other activities. So when it can able to maintain its 845 million users, then what the mess happen? In the future always they will try to serve people more. Because in the near future there's no possibility to decrease its popularity, so profit also will be going on.

1. Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock

2. Facebook is an online social networking service


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