FaceBook security in using apps

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We all used Facebook and different types of apps related to Facebook and while using these apps we are asked to allow our basic information such as Inbox access profile information etc.

I am in doubt that is there any chance that intruders can get my Facebook information?

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FaceBook security in using apps


My answer is yes, Someone can anonymously access your Facebook account so i should warn you how can they do it on your Facebook account

1. Anyone can access your Facebook account when anyone knows your password; of course you will not give your password to anyone so there are many ways to take your password from you and you will not know that you gave him the password. Yes doesn't wonder as some people use the links or also called stealing someone's information and it is just website links that intruders use and when you click on one of these links and to open this website you should login so the intruders will have your password.

2. Intruders may use emails that have malicious software in them and when you open the email you will pass your password to the intruders.

3. When you access your account using your mobile and your connection is not very good so you will give intruders the opportunity to access your account by entering the data stream between your mobile and mobile operator and then they will have all your information of your account

4. Intruders may use types of viruses and try to put them on your computer that will pass all your information to the intruders.

So now you know that your account is in danger but i have a solution for you.

1. Your password should be long contain letters , numbers and characters and it shouldn't be small and easy to access

2. Don't trust anyone gives you links or emails or sending anything to you through your Facebook account or any account

3. Your secret answer should be unfamiliar so don't put any information on your wall that you use to answer your secret question

4. You can change your password every month

5. You can use software that protects your passwords like LastPass

6. Avoid the applications that you  are not familiar with just use the applications you want and work with

Hope these Solutions Help you and Protect Your Accounts

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FaceBook security in using apps


The answer to your question is NO

Because the applications/games that you accessed or used like famr ville, backyard monster and many applications in Facebook do not get information like password. The password that you use in Facebook remain in Facebook's database and Facebook do not let anybody get it from their database. Applications such as famr ville, backyard monster and many applications in Facebook only get your public information like your username/e-mail, Birthdate or your friend list in other words It only gets your basic information.

Refer to this for more information about privacy



Method 1: Stealing Personal Information

Warning: Always check the URL you are viewing before accepting terms or entering your username and password. The only way for them to get your password is through the use of website that discuss about stealing information.

What are those websites that discuss about stealing personal information?

ANS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing

Example of fake Facebook page:

As you see, the URL is different from the real URL on Facebook.

DO NOT PUT ANY INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE. Your password and username will be sent to the intruders.

Method 2: Facebook Cookie Stealing

The intruder gets the cookies used by Facebook and injects it to his/her browser and gain access to your account.

This is what the Facebook cookie looks like:

"Cookie: datr=1276721606-b7f94f977295759399293c5b0767618dc02111ede159a827030fc;"

How to prevent this?

When you browse Facebook in  an internet cafe or internet shops. After using it, delete the history and the cookies of the browser that you used.

Method 3: Primary email address

Intruders may target your email address which has all the private information like security answers, passwords, username etc. So do not let anyone know your e-mail passwords and security answers. 

Method 4: Keylogging

Intruders use software that can record all username and password that you type and store it somewhere safe and only them knows where it was stored.

Remember: Do not give you private information to anyone.


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