FaceBook Now Allows Edited Comments

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I've seen an update on Facebook that it allows me to edit my comment. But, I have  a couple of questions.

1. If I edit a certain comment, will the others see the previous one?

2. How is this different from the previous feature of editing the comment?

3. If I change my comment, is it automatically shown on my friends' end? Or can they still see the old comment unless they refresh the page?

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FaceBook Now Allows Edited Comments


If this is an update that Facebook has added then this will be good. Because you will still be able to change all of your comments if ever some of them are quite negative so that the person where you put your comment will not be able to see your old post [and hope not].

I don’t think your added friend will still be able to see your old post if ever you already changed it. But that is if the person has not yet loaded the page that contains your old comment before you change it. Facebook is pure java script and this is the script that automates every thing on the site and in any sites around the world.

And this updates everything on the site. If you change your comment to a new one, the java script automatically updates this part and if ever no one’s still able to see your old post then all of your added friends will now see the latest edited comment that you have. But if someone has already accessed your old post then he will not be able to see your new comment unless he refreshes the page and the refreshed page happens to contain your comment again.

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FaceBook Now Allows Edited Comments


Dear Christopher,

If you edit your comment the others wont be able to see the previous one. However if you have tagged your friends in your comment or the person to whom post you have commented will get a notification immediately as you click the confirm button of your comment.

But after you have updated your comment the link send to your friends gets expires and stop working and a new notification for the commented past is sent to them.

Hope its a good explanation.

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