FaceBook Notifier not working on iOS 6

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My Facebook used to have a notification sound when there is a new message but after the update of iOS 6, there is no sound from my Facebook notifications. The settings are all set and turned on. I heard about a lot of problems with this iOS 6 but does Apple knows about it? What can I do to fix this?

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FaceBook Notifier not working on iOS 6


Facebook push notification is controlled inside your actual Facebook app (Account > Notifications). You can't set your Facebook push notification in your iOS > Settings > Facebook > Settings > Notifications.

1. This starts from your iOS device home screen
2. “Settings”
3. “Notifications”
4. “Facebook”
5. Turn on the “Notification Center” – this will make your push notifications to work
6. Under “Alert Style” ,  Set this to any style you want
7.  “Badge App Icon” – turn this to ON ,  this will display the number of new notifications on the Facebook icon
8.  “Sounds” – if you want to play sound for new notification, turn it  ON
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FaceBook Notifier not working on iOS 6


To turn on notification sounds in your iOS 6 device, simply go to the device home screen and then go to “Settings”.

Select “Notifications”, then select “Facebook”.

You have to turn on the “Notification Center” so that your notifications work.

You will see “Alert Style”, which is already set as “None” as a default setting.

Now select a style how you want to receive your notifications.

Then, you will have to turn “Badge App Icon” on so that you can see the number of notifications you have.

Lastly, turn on “Sounds”, which will help you notify by playing a sound when you get a notification.

This is the only way you can get sounds when you receive any kind of notifications.

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