FaceBook login problem any help

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I have a login problem – I get this msg "There was a problem connecting with Facebook.

Check your Internet connection and try again. even though I'm connected to the internet!.

Any Suggestions?

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FaceBook login problem any help


Yes this is a usual problem, if you are connecting to internet you have this type of problem with your Facebook account, must be check your internet status.

If it is connected than restart the pc, if still you face the problem than check the date and time setting of your computer it will be working well with your Facebook account and you can login it for your using.

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FaceBook login problem any help


Hi Andry,

You may be experiencing slow internet connections, and therefore this problem could be applicable to other sites that you may try to access and not only Facebook. If you are using a wireless network for internet connection, check the signal  strength of the network by viewing how many bars are occupied on the wireless network icon.

Still if you are using cable network right click on the network connection icon in the status bar, click on status and see how many packets are being transmitted are how many are being received. If the number of packets is too low then you are experiencing slow internet connections.

Other possible causes may be that you are working offline. In your browser click on file and ensure that 'work offline' is unchecked. Check also to see that your network settings are properly configured.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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FaceBook login problem any help

If you have forgotten your password of Facebook account, don’t worry a link is available to resolve it. Normally the Facebook uses email address as a login username; it will consider only email address that was used in the Signup form. A password manager like Last Pass can resolve the problems. 
Password manager fills the login & password and facilitate the user while logging into the social networking site and protect them from Phishing threats and forgotten password problem. 
This password manager is available for different type of browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome; it remembers the username and password. It automatically fills the login page. 
Other problems of logging can be resolved by clearing the cache of web browser. 
If still problem exists then try another different web browser, that problem may be due to the browser. 
If By changing the browser did not resolve the problem then the problem is on the Facebook page.


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FaceBook login problem any help


Try these solution below:

Solution 1:

It could be that the Facebook is the problem and not your connection. Sometimes website perform maintenance and when you connect through them they will tell you that you are the one that has the problem.

Solution 2:

Do check your internet connection and perform this task. Go to Start and then Run, then in the input box type CMD. then type this codes below:

  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

Also there are time when you type a specific page it will still come up even though there is no internet connection

Also try contacting your service provider.

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FaceBook login problem any help



I also have the same problem. I am really annoyed. I am really glad Alber grower

Your solution helped me!


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