FaceBook Chat Box wont send

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Hello there.

I am an active Facebook user and there was this some kind of problem I encountered when chatting.

Every time I press enter, it just wont send to the other person, instead it proceeds to the next line..

What would be the cause on this problem?

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FaceBook Chat Box wont send


Sometimes when your on the computer chatting, it won't let you send because the person has gone "offline".

Refresh the page and they're back online, but try sending it again and they're "offline".

Sometimes you have to wait a bit before your able to send . When your server connection is also slow, it is difficult to send on chat.

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FaceBook Chat Box wont send


Hello Leslie,

The facebook message won't be sent because may be you have not activated or checked the Press Enter to send option while sending the chat message. You need to check that option to enable your message to be sent once you press the enter button.

This option can be activated by going to reply to a message, then under the message input text area, check the Press enter to send checkbox as shown below.

When the checkbox is checked as shown above, the message will automatically be delivered once the enter key is pressed.

Thank you.

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