Facebook is causing damage to the cash flow of other operators.

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We know a large number of people are using facebook to communicate each other daily and they are using mobile as communication tool. I want to know if there are any study how facebook is causing damage the cash flow of other mobile operators? If there is, please explain a few.

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Facebook is causing damage to the cash flow of other operators.


Dear Zahangir kabir,

Facebook is social network website. Millions of people of the world use Facebook. The number of Facebook user increasing day by day. People share their status, thought and other important things by using Facebook. Facebook have mobile application also. By using mobile application people keep online over the day and night.

People complete their job by sharing their important things by using only Facebook now a day. But when the Facebook was not so popular, people do their job by using phone call to other and they use credit in their phone call.

People use email to send documents to other people. We also use email as the alternative of letter but recent days people does not interested to log on to the email to send their documents to other. People use Facebook to send or share documents.

Past days, people visit different website to play games, but recent day’s Facebook have many games which impress people to play in Facebook.

All the above information shows that Facebook is a threat for all other operators as like as email, phone call operator etc.

I hope my answer will help you.

Thank you.

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Facebook is causing damage to the cash flow of other operators.


I don’t know the relevance of Facebook with the cash flow of mobile operators. I even think Facebook is helping them in their income because the more people want to go to Facebook, the more people will require access to the internet. And since internet connection is required to access Facebook, users or people have to pay another fee to their mobile operators for their internet connection.

Normally, a monthly phone bill doesn’t cover the internet consumption. A standard phone bill only covers your text messages and phone calls. This is for mobile phones. Internet connection is billed separately. But for landlines, your subscription can cover both your phone calls and your internet connection because a landline is required for both DSL and fiber internet connection.

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