How to fix if F11 key is malfunction

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My computer is Hewlett-Packard with Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

I used this computer for 5 years now. My problem is the F11 function key is not functioning.

F11 of HP computer Windows Vista is Restore Factory Setting's option.

I use this key whenever I restore all the programs to its default settings,and if the Antivirus is out of date especially if my Internet connection will cut off. 

When I press the F11 key action it will not work. No action has been done in short.

Can you guys help me where to find the option key to be able the F11 key will function?


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How to fix if F11 key is malfunction


Karlos here

Now your problem is looking to me like your F11 key is just broken, if you tried using the F11 key outside the operating system, for example BIOS, and still did not work, possibly the F11 is actually broken and you probably need to either change it yourself or have it repaired. If you're using a desktop computer, what I can advise is to try it with a different computer and try to see if the key will work on another system. In my knowledge, there is no such option key that disables one key of the keyboard; there is one to disable everything but not just one key.

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