Failed to Read error message when starting Timeslips

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Good day!

Recently, whenever i start Timeslips from our main computer at the office i receive an error message:

failed to read from G:TimeSlipsDBABBREV.DB. The file was created by a newer version of this program

area: Streams

Code: 201

Address: Exception tHdrFileStreamExceptionC in module timeslip.exe at 00097908


We only have one version of TimeSlips to load on to our computers. Its all the same version! how did this happen?

is there a certain way you should SET UP YOUR DATABASE or DATABASE location to avoid this problem?

in addition to this, only one user can access the database at once .

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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Failed to Read error message when starting Timeslips


Hi David,

How you set up the database and pathing matters and depends  a lot as to how many users can access the database at one time.  It seems that this machine do not have service released applied. And also it is not good to use  CD installation many times. Are you using this machine for the first time to access the timeslips?  Get the service released from Sage Timeslips website. You can download it, and copy it to the server and point everyone there and rename it  those who have it in their machine.  I will give you a link for re: pathing Re: Frequent trouble with Timers – Sage Customer Community

Hope this help.

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