Extra Sound Card cannot work properly.

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My motherboard has a built in sound card. As it had a problem, I bought an extra sound card.

The same has not been working for a few days now. There is no sound coming.
What can I do?
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Extra Sound Card cannot work properly.


Hi good day,

There are so many reasons, why our sound card will never be detected in the computer. The cause for this is, sound card was not properly installed in the PCI slot, the driver was not installed, and sound card defect. To resolve this kind of issue.

  1. Removed your sound card from the PCI slot >>>> if the PIN is very dirty, you need to clean it, by using pencil eraser or any kind of eraser that you have. After that, insert your sound card into the PCI slot. Make sure it is properly inserted and installed. Start your computer and wait until the computer detects the new sound card hardware.
  2. If there is no detection, insert the CD driver of the sound card, then right click, My Computer >>> Manage >>> click Device Manager. When you see a sign of Question mark, yellow color >>> right click on it >>> select Update Driver >>> on the “Welcome to the hardware update Wizard” click on Yes, now and every time I connect a device >>> click next >>> next >>> and wait until you finish the installation >>> then click Finish.

If this option does not work, consult the Computer Technician, to fix that kind of trouble.

Thank you. Hope its helps.



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