Explain The Entry Is Not Found. (0x800706e1) Failure

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When I was setting up my system, I came across to an error the entry is not found. (0x800706e1). How to fix this issue?

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Explain The Entry Is Not Found. (0x800706e1) Failure


This problem because you are unable to connect NTP Server, where NTP stands for Network Time Protocol.

It synchronizes the time from the server and set it on all the client systems.

To fix this issue, Open a command prompt (admin) and type ‘W32TM /resync’ and hit enter.

Then type ‘W32TM /query /status’ and enter.

I hope it will resolve this fault.

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Explain The Entry Is Not Found. (0x800706e1) Failure


I encounter that error most of the time when installing an application. And I really don’t like it because it only means the program I am installing is not compatible with my system. It only happens to me if the application doesn’t include any information about its specifications. It’s literally like treading into the wilderness because you don’t know if the application will work or not.

If you encounter this error when installing something on your computer, it obviously means it is not compatible. But if the error appears when running a program, there is probably something missing that you forgot to install like Microsoft .NET Framework which is often required by applications. Check the system requirements of the program you are installing to better asses the problem.

Next time, before you install a program, make sure you already checked the system specifications.

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