Experiencing Problems Updating My YogBox

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I’m experiencing some problems updating my YogBox. Has anyone else seen this before?

Update Failed!
I tried a couple of solutions, but nothing seems to work. I erased my Minecraft folder and tried to update the program, but
nothing happens. I’ve been reading a couple of threads to help me fix it, but nothing ever worked.
Can somebody help me out?
Thank you in advance!
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Experiencing Problems Updating My YogBox


Hello friend,

This was a major problem for all Yoga Box users, because no one can't play with out it. There are lots of forums and discussions which talk about this. Some of them have answers, some of them don't have. I get some solutions for this problem. They are as given below :

  1. The best idea is to update your version into its newest version. This is the most preferred solution. You have to download application from the internet and install it into your system. This is the one I prefer.
  2. The next solution having some registry clean ups. The things that you want to delete are : .techniclaunchercache
    .techniclauncherlauncherCHEC KSUM.MD5
    .techniclaunchertemp . This will solve your problem. Try this way only if you know how to do this. I can't explain this because it is so much.
  3. The last way to solve this problem is to update you java version to its new version, which may solve your problem. Some posts suggest this will work in some systems.

I hope you get the answer. Have a nice day.

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