Experiencing problems with Error code 32

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How do I make the error code go away. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver but still it can not detect the CD Rom

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Experiencing problems with Error code 32





You need not to install and uninstall the device in order for you to eradicate the error code. All you have to do is update the driver or you may try using registry editor.


How to update?


– locate the CD rom that has a yellow triangle exclamation mark on it

– select and right-click CD rom and choose UPDATE or UPDATE DRIVER ( for other operating system, it is DELETE or REMOVE)

– RESTART computer


Registry Editor

– go to START

– on the SEARCH or RUN box, type “regedit” (all small letter without quotation marks)

– a new window will open, type:


– once you are in that location, remove UPPERFILTERS and LOWERFILTERS

– after this process, REBOOT computer and check for changes on your device


You will now notice that the icon on you CD ROM will be gone and once you try using the device, it will work as what you were expecting when you follow these steps.


Good Luck!




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Experiencing problems with Error code 32


If Windows can’t detect your CD drive and you already reinstalled the driver but still nothing happened, check if the device is disconnected from inside your CPU. In this case, you only need to check the cables connecting to the CD drive. To begin, shut down your computer then open the CPU case.

Check the cables attached to your CD drive. First, disconnect both the ribbon cable or the control cable and the power supply cable from the CD drive. Next, connect the power supply to the CD drive then turn on the CPU. The LED indicator on the CD drive should activate.

If not or you missed it, try to press on the eject button to see if the CD tray will eject. If your CD-ROM drive is working properly, the tray should eject. But if not then there is a problem. Shut down your computer again then disconnect the power supply from the CD drive.

Use the other power supply cable to power up the CD drive. Repeat the same steps to eject the tray. In case you’ve already used all the available cables and still the CD drive didn’t work, your CD-ROM drive is dead. You need to replace it with a new one.

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