Expand my Drive C: Partition

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Hi Experts! My Hard Disk crashed so I was forced to buy a new one with the new set of recovery disks. I installed everything correctly but even so, I cannot get the full access of it with the Windows Vista Disk Management. I want to extend the C: partition so I can use the 164 GB free spaces. How can I do it? And also, I want to know what ST_SDV (D) drive is. Thanks.

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Expand my Drive C: Partition



What do you mean by you cannot get full access to Windows Vista Disk Management, did you right click on My computer and clicked Manage, then Click on disk management under storage. If you can open it then right click on the partition you want to expand go through the Extend Volume wizard.

Or use the command prompt to open Disk Management. In the start menu click on Run. Type cmd.exe and enter. Type diskmgmt.msc and enter.

ST_SDV(D) ? I have never heard of it. It showed no result when I googled it. Could be a build name of hard disk.

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Expand my Drive C: Partition


Hello Alfred,

To extend your hard disk, you will just use the disk management option that is under computer management. Use the following procedure to access and use it:

  • Click start on your computer and then type Computer Management in the blank search field.
  • Press Enter on your computer's keyboard.
  • In the message box that will open, look for Disk Management and click on it to open it.
  • Look for the drive that you want to combine with C: and then format it.
  • Right click on C: and then choose the Extend Volume option.
  • The volume will join with the formatted volume and thus you will have successfully increased your C partition volume.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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