Exchange 2010 message size limits?

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Hi All,

We have newly setup Exchange 2010 in our office and need to restrict the file size sent and received. Guys at office send huge file sizes and need to have a restriction. Is there some place in the server i can restrict this.

Thank you.

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Exchange 2010 message size limits?


You can limit every email/message size by applying MS Exchange Server 2010.  The total size of the email/message or the size of every components e.g. number of recipients, email/message attachments and the email/message header could be restricted.

When you are considering the size limited, please answer the below questions.

  1. What of limit size shall I impose on all outgoing/incoming messages?
  2. Do you consider different business units or any other email/message systems that the size limits are different?
  3. How do I have choose the mailbox quota size?
  4. Shall a mailbox quota apply to Exchange 2010 organization?
  5. Are there any users who have to receive or send some emails/messages that the size are larger than the specific size?

Then follow these steps to set the size limit.

Choose Global Settings>> Message Delivery >>Properties >>Defaults Tab.

Hope this helps.

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Exchange 2010 message size limits?


Hello Gonzalvin,

You could always use Registry Editor to change the size limit of database in MS Exchange Server 2010.  I think the default size limit of database for Exchange 2010 is 1024 GB gigabytes and there is no default size limit of database for Exchange 2010 Enterprise Edition.

The size limit of the database would be checked by Exchange Store from time to time and if size is reached the limited, the database will be dismounted. You could modify or add the value in registry to set the limit of the database size.

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