Exchange 2010 error display “Changes made to the item were lost”

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I work for a certain company which is looking to migrate to Exchange 2010 by using live migration. Currently we are running Exchange 2007 SP2. I have been allocated this task of moving the mailboxes and I was considering having it done during the working hours.

I however run into an error message stating “Changes made to the item were lost due to a reconnect with the server” when running a test on whether a user can create and send a long email during the migration period. I also found out that they would be unable to save any changes as they are asked to close and restart the Outlook program.

This means that I would be forced to move the mailboxes during to the off duty hours and go back to Exchange 2007 during the working hours. Does anyone out there have a solution to this situation?

I would be very grateful for any help offered.

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Exchange 2010 error display “Changes made to the item were lost”


To resolve that issue, you will first of all try launching Outlook.exe with the “cleanreminders” command line argument as by typing the following in the commandline:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12OUTLOOK.EXE /cleanreminders

In case that does not work, you will need to do the following to delete the items in Reminders folder:

You will first of all have to download MFCMAPI tool from

  • And then you will run MFCMAPI on the desktop.
  • Thereafter you will go to Session -> Logon and then Display Store Table.
  • You will then select your profile.
  • After that you will need to right click Mailbox and choose “Open Store”.
  • Next you will expand “Root Container”.
  • And then right click “Reminders” and then select “Open Contents Table”.
  • A new window launches with Title Reminders.
  • You will need to select all the reminder items that have been listed there, and then right click and select “Delete Message”
  • And lastly close MFCMAPI




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