Exchange 2003 will only deliver to interior domains

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My problem is- Exchange 2003 can obtain emails, but not deliver them to exterior domain names. All emails are received at my end, but when I send emails, only interior domains receive them. The ones to be sent out remain in the line. Can you please describe what the actual function of MX record is?

I also need to know the way to set up Exchange with servers like the webmail server, pop, or smtp server for the purpose of sending emails.

I am eagerly looking forward to your kind help.

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Exchange 2003 will only deliver to interior domains


Mail exchange (MX) is just another name for the machine whose primary function is receiving and sending email. This machine usually has a mail server listening on port 25 to receive incoming email. A Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) reads the header and decides whether it needs to be put in a mailbox on its own machine or sent back out over the Internet to a remote machine. An MX (Mail exchange) record will redirect email sent to any user's machine ([email protected], for example) to a designated mail host. It tells the MDA where to route email. The MX record uses preference values to specify the routing order–low value = high priority. For example, when mail is sent to it tries to reroute the mail to which has the lowest value, and therefore the highest priority. If that fails, it tries which has greater value than

Use SMTP Connector to route mails to external mail servers otherwise your all external routed mails will be in queue and not delivered to external mail servers.

Mentioned below are the steps to create new SMTP connector In the Context Menu of the Connector Container of Exchange Manager click New – “SMTP Connector”. Give name to the new Connection. then you have to select “Use DNS to route to each address space on this connector”. It is the recommended configuration for Exchange 2003. (It only works when DNS settings are correct) It is also possible to “Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts”. When you prefer this type you must type the host name into the field or the IP address of the Smart Host in Brackets. Smart host is another machine that routes your mail and your mail server does not route mail.

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