Exception EConvertError in module AutoGk.exe

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Dear all, For a while now I am using AutoGK. As you will notice I am newbie user of this program. A few days ago I’ve updated to the new version 2.45 (I think). After it I got error messages when I want to start application and when I want to exit. So I have decided to: uninstall everything and install previous version. My OS Windows XP SP2, divx 6.1.1, XviD-1.1.0. If anyone know what is the problem for new version please help. Thank you Nita

Application Error

Exception EConvertError in module AutoGk.exe at 00008ECA. ‘.1.2’ is not a valid integer value.


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Exception EConvertError in module AutoGk.exe


                   The cause of this problem maybe is you installed a couple of new programs. Uninstall those programs that you installed. You are in problem with application interoperability; windows cannot handle those problems so it throws a message error. One of the cause also that I know is maybe you installed also a divx bundle, try to uninstall that from your computer and I am pretty sure that the message will not show anymore. The divx that you installed was not compatible to your system. Try to check first the compatibility before to install something to your computer.

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