Exception EAccessVidation in module Idrisi32.exe at 0003B1D3

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Hello friends, posting here a problem in running ArcGIS,  no matter how I try to run ArcGIS it won't start, every time I start ArcGIS  an error message will be displayed on my screen, the message goes like Exception E Access Violation in module Idrisi32.exe at 0003B1D3, I included in this post the screen shot of the error,

Please see below.

Exception EAccessVidation in module Idrisi32.exe at 0003B1D3.

Access violation at address 0043B1D3 in module “Idrisi32.exe”. Read of address 00000140.

When I read on the error  it’s  too technical for me to understand since it is talking about memory addresses , I am just a simple computer user to understand those, please help me solve this issue, hope to hear from you soon.


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Exception EAccessVidation in module Idrisi32.exe at 0003B1D3


I haven't experience this error for sure and I've done a research on how to fix this error. I do my assignment, the same as you did. Do the research and try to post the possible solution and the best answer. This error message is a bit difficult to search for.

First, there may be executable file that can't be located when you run this ArcGIS. When running this, it violates some module part in Idrsi.32.exe which can't be located in your computer's list of saved data. Once you keep running this file and the file can't be located in your computer then you'll get this message for sure.

Are you log-in as Administrator when you run this program? Re-start your computer and try again, this time log-in using Administrator and give us feedback what's going to happen next. By logging in on Administrator, you will have the full control of your computer unlike just plain user, it only have limited access.

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