Excel 2010 cut and paste does not work when firefox is open

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 Hello TechyV buddies!

I am having some problem using excel 2010. Whenever I open excel 2010 and start to type some formula or enter some text, everything is working fine. However, when I open Firefox, the Excel encounters a problem. The different functions of excel are distorted. I cannot copy a formula. When I enter something with formula and copy paste it to another sell. Only the value is copied but the formula is not copied. The formula does not display in the formula bar. Another problem is the copy-paste function. When I try to copy a text in a cell and paste it in another cell, the paste function does not work. And an error shows up saying that the copy and paste areas are not of the same size. On the paste option, the only available option is the paste special text only. All of these problems occur whenever Firefox is open. But when I close Firefox, everything goes back to normal. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my Excel or Firefox? I have been trying to solve this but I cannot find any solution. Please help me solve this problem. I will really appreciate the effort in helping. Thank you!

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Excel 2010 cut and paste does not work when firefox is open


First of all, are you trying to copy a formula from Firefox to Excel? Anyway, the issue you are encountering is due to your browser's add-on. Please check if you have a "Skype Click To Call" add-on installed on Firefox. If there is, please disable it from your browser or uninstall it from appwiz.cpl. Then try to open Firefox and your Excel at the same time with the issue you are into now. There is a conflict with the two so you are getting that problem. And also, try to update your Firefox to the latest version.

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Excel 2010 cut and paste does not work when firefox is open



Dear User,

This could happen because of many reasons. Follow these steps to fix your problem

If you have installed click to call feature in your skype program , please disable it or uninstall it.

To do this you can simply use this fix,


if this doesn’t fix your problem. I recommend you to uninstall both the applications (Excel and Firefox)

and reinstall them with different  setup files. Newer versions

hopefully this will fix your problem.

Thank you

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