Exact function of Windows hot keys F5 and Ctrl+R

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I want to know the exact function of Windows hot keys specifically F5 or Ctrl + R.

I would like to know this because when I use these hotkeys in Windows Explorer, oftentimes I notice that the windows’ displays would change.

The files then would be sorted in different folders. I did not expect this to happen. It’s quite surprising for me.

What I know is that these hot keys are used to refresh the windows.

Kindly provide me the exact function of these two hotkeys or the exact explanation for what I have experienced as stated above.

Thank you, so much.

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Exact function of Windows hot keys F5 and Ctrl+R



Hello Adlem,

I have some explanation and i hope it will answer and help you to solve this problem. Regarding your problem if what is the exact function of windows hot key specially in F5. If you are pertaining in Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer the function of F5 is to refresh the active window for example if your internet explorer very slow to load the page you can press F5 to refresh it until you can load fast.

And if you are using CTRL+R in Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer this same as F5 this is also to reload the page without using mouse. Take note this is use for shortcut to reload quicker the page you want without using mouse.

I hope it will answer and help to solve this issue.

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Exact function of Windows hot keys F5 and Ctrl+R


Hello Adlem,

The following are the functions that will be performed as a result of pressing F5 or Control R on the keyboard:


  • In internet browsers and documents, pressing F5 on the keyboard will reload the current page that you are on or the current document that you are working on.
  • In ms word, pressing F5 will open the find and replace dialog box which allows you to find words in the document and replace them.
  • In Ms PowerPoint, pressing F5 will start a slideshow which you can exit by pressing escape.


When you press this key combination on the keyboard, it will reload or refresh the current web page that you are browsing on.

These are the basic functions of these keys. You might be pressing them together with some other keys to be getting the problem.

Lee Hung

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