Esonic LGA 775 brand motherboard is heating up very quickly

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Hello, Recently I have bought Esonic LGA 775-41 (G) brand motherboard. At first the motherboard was nice and smooth. But now as I Installed 3, 4 of high resolution (graphical) game, the mainboard is heating up very quickly. I measured the heat by using various kind of application. Anyone here who can solve this please? 

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Esonic LGA 775 brand motherboard is heating up very quickly


If that is a brand new motherboard, check if you installed proper cooling system inside the CPU. The main cause of heating inside the CPU is the processor and the graphics accelerator so both of these devices should be installed with proper cooling systems. When you install the supported processor for your motherboard, you should install a heat sink on top of it.

It will absorb the heat coming from the processor. But before you connect the heat sink, you should apply thermal paste above the processor. A small dot in the middle of the processor is enough because the force of the heat sink will spread the paste across the surface of the processor.

Applying thermal paste on the processor ensures that the heat will be spread and absorbed by the heat sink evenly reducing burn risk for your processor. Aside from installing a heat sink, you should also install a cooling fan on top of the heat sink because the heat sink alone is not enough to control the heat and will still make the processor overheat.

The video card normally has already a cooling fan in it. It is already built-in to the device and you only need to connect it to your CPU power cable to make it work. The cooling fan in the video card ensures that the GPU will process at the optimal speed. You can also install a cooling fan on the side of the CPU where it is applicable.

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