Eset NOD 32 MBR cleaning problem

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I'm using Eset Nod 32 antivirus, Windows 8.1 64 bit. Today I found w32.Sality virus from an USB drive, it looked like the virus affected the MBR (Master boot record). I tried all the antivirus softwares and they detected the virus, but they are can't clean it. I must repair the drive MBR by myself. Is there a good Antivirus program that can prevent/clean the MBR virus from Windows? Is there any GUI tool for repairing MBR for USB?

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Eset NOD 32 MBR cleaning problem


When it is the Master Boot Record [MBR] that is infected, it is always best to just format the drive than try cleaning it with an antivirus. The Master Boot Record is a special type of boot sector which is located at the very beginning of the partitioned drive. The Master Boot Record also contains executable code to work as a loader for the operating system.

Normally, when it is the Master Boot Record that gets infected, it is the operating system that is mainly affected. But if you still want to try your patience in removing the infection in the Master Boot Record, download and install the Sophos Virus Removal Tool. This is recommended to use if your computer is already infected.

Once installed, start the tool. It will first need to update its database so you need to be connected to the internet while using the tool. When it is finished updating, click “Start scanning” to start the scan on your computer. To make sure all infections are removed, repeat the scan until there is no more infection detected.

In case the tool also cannot remove the virus from the Master Boot Record, then I guess there is no other way but to format the infected drive.

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