Error when using Adobe Flash Player

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I was surfing thru the Internet because I needed to get some information on a website when I got this error message, see below. I knew I have installed Adobe Flash Player 10.

Nevertheless, I re-installed Flash Player but still the same thing happened.

I tried using another web browser, this time it was Chrome but I still got the same error. I am in dire need to get the information. 

Can you help resolve the error? What should I do next?

Help will be much appreciated.

Adobe Flash Player 10 -ActionScript error occurred-Error 1009

Adobe Flash Player 10

An ActionScript error occurred;

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

at com.pixelbreaker.ui.osx::MacMouseWheel/…externalMouseEvent()

at Function/

at flash.external::ExternalInterface$/_callIn()

at Function/<anonymous>()

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Error when using Adobe Flash Player


I think the fault is more likely to be in the website than in your computer:; you can go see the site from another computer to verify this. They must have made a mistake in the code.

You can try this method to overcome the problem. Select Add-ons in the Tools menu. Find the Adobe Flash Player 10 in add-ons or plugins and disable it. Restart your browser and go to the website you wanted to go. You might be able to view it though you cannot see anything that requires Adobe Flash Player.

Also try going to a different location of the site by adding /support OR /search to the site URL e. g. :

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Error when using Adobe Flash Player


Hello Ben,

I suspect that the flash players that you are trying to install have compatibility issues with the current version of the windows operating system. You should check the system specifications and then go to the internet and download the flash player version that is supported by that OS or computer model.

For instance, the flash player you are downloading could be having support for windows XP and the previous OS's while you are using windows 7 or maybe you are using a hp model computer while the flash player can only support dell computers.

Check things like that and see if you can solve the problem.



Lee Hung

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Error when using Adobe Flash Player


Visit this Techyv post " Errors with Adobe Flash Player 10" which one will be helpful for you too to get more information about  the error of Adobe Flash Playe 10. Visit this site and get more information.


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