Error when loading the game with AVG Anti Virus

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Good day! Everyone,

I want to ask anyone here if you have ever encountered and if you have a solution to my problem. I'm a gamer type fellow who loves to play computer or MMORPG such us MU and Ragnarok,etc. Now here's the problem.

  1. I have a game play called MU Online in my system for almost a year and I'm happy playing it until last week when I installed AVG into my system.
  2.  I know AVG is a good Anti Virus so i downloaded it on the download section of MU Online's web page. (They say MU and AVG are compatible)
  3. Whenever I started the game, it will go smoothly until a part of the game where you will be asked to input your username and password. As soon as I logged in, it will let me choose my character and load it.
  4. Then, here comes the error. Sometimes, a pop up box will prompt  "Malicious website blocked" and sometimes it will stop responding and it will restart my system without notice.
  5. I then tried removing AVG into my system thinking that it will let me run the game without error but no. The error remains.
  6. I tried Using other Antivirus but no luck. (They say that only AVG is compatible to MU Online)

Now my question is, What should I do? I need help about this topic please. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and I hope you guys have an answer to this.

Thank you so much and have a great day to everyone here. 

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Error when loading the game with AVG Anti Virus

Generally compatibility of games with antivirus in O.S is as according to vendor.It is not 100% true due to loops in their testings.Compatibility of AVG with MU game is one of them, to make this pair compatible with each other.So you will have to take following steps,
  1. Uninstall both AVG and MU and restart you system
  2. Install AVG first with proper customization
  3. Now before installing fresh copy of MU, just disable the AVG antivirus, AVG antivirus's firewall and system firewall
  4. Install the MU and restart your system
  5. Now compatibility of both will work., but whenever you are going to play MU just try to make your AVG disable temporarily. It will allow your MU to connect through server without any firewall blocking problems,and when ever your done with playing MU, you can enable your AVG.
Good Luck.

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