Error when installing Windows Live Writer

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I tried installing a new version of the Windows Live Writer when this error message popped up. 

It said something about installing the .Net Framework. 

How would I know if this is installed in my laptop? 

And if it wasn’t so, how could I install it? 

Please help and give a step by step procedure on how to verify and even install this .Net Framework. 

Thanks in advance.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer requires the installation of the .Net Framework. 

Please install this before installing Windows Live Writer.

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Error when installing Windows Live Writer


Hello felix,

The Microsoft .net framework is a software framework provided by Microsoft to enable programs written in different languages operate together. Applications like the windows live writer need it to function effectively. 

Obviously, the .Net framework is not already installed in your system. That is why the windows live Writer installer prompted you to install it.

The Microsoft .Net framework has many versions, but the latest are the version 3.5 service pack 1(sp1) and the version 4.0. Any of these versions should serve you well, but I advise you to go for the latest version which is the version 4.0. This will enable you use it for a long time without having to upgrade.

You can download the software with this link. Its about 48mb and should download fairly quickly depending on your internet connection speed. Some applications like AutoCAD 2012 also come with the .Net framework (could be called dotnetfx) as a third party software so you could install from an AutoCAD CD if you have one

Its a .exe application so just install by double clicking on the file and following all the prompts.

Hope this helps.

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Error when installing Windows Live Writer



The problem or error that appears to your screen is you don’t have a net Framework to your machine before you install the windows live writer.

The solution is you must install the Net Framework to your PC. Go to this site:

Just simply download the Net Framework, after downloaded the software and then download the older beta version and then install to your PC, then after the installation is complete, just simply uninstall the older live writer beta.

After that simply download the latest version of the Live Writer, and then simply install that to your machine. 


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