Error when installing Trend Micro Internet Security

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On my way to register my Trend Micro Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security Pro, or Trend Micro Antivirus plus AntiSpyWare, I encountered the error message stated as follows:

Unable to contact Trend Micro. Please reconnect this computer to the Internet immediately to activate your software. If you can successfully open Web sites and receive email but still received this warning, then scheduled Trend Micro server maintenance has prevented you from activating Trend Micro Internet Security Pro. Please wait forty-five minutes before trying again.

Well, I waited for the designated time, and made sure that I was connected to the Internet, but it still isn’t working.

Any ideas? Does this thing happen often?


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Error when installing Trend Micro Internet Security



The possible reasons why you are receiving this error are:

1. You do not have internet connection. To check, try to open or browse other websites. If you cannot access the internet, contact your Internet Service Provider.

2. The Trend Micro might be having a current service maintenance. You may want to try to activate your Trend product later.

3. Your computer might be infected with virus, malware or spyware. Try to run your antivirus software and remove any possible threats.

To avoid malware, please click on the link below:

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Error when installing Trend Micro Internet Security



Almost all of Trend Micro Internet Security, Security Pro and Anti-virus users/customer shared the same problem with regards on Updating the software. 
I hope this step can get you on right direction on resolving this issue.
Please download malwarebytes_anti_malware because it seems that there's a certain type of worm that you can get from an e-mail attachment that blocks certain types of sites that allow updates.
I hope this anti-malware works and help you.

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